Refractoring technology

Refractory service includes services related to the building, operation and maintenance of refractory equipment. A part of this service is inspection and following repair of damaged refractory lining.

The solution concept results from valid European standards, whereas we respect the customer’s demands. The quotation is written with the aim to reach an optimum solution from both economic and technological points of view.


Design of refractory lining is carried out in different levels for preliminary design stadium and for final project of new thermal equipment. The projects include a complete detail drawing documentation, technical reports, material lists
and also thermal calculation of heat transmission and thermal loss of given unit.


Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. builds new or repairs existing refractory linings in a wide area of industry.

Main equipments constituting the area of activities of our company in the field of carrying out, repairing and maintenance of refractory technology are:

industrial furnaces

• rotating kilns
• carousel furnaces
• shaft furnaces
• chamber kilns
• soaking pits

power engineering equipment

• heating plant boilers
• power plant boilers
• fluidized bed boilers

• industrial
• municipal

equipment for chemical industry

• continuous furnaces
• chamber kilns
• furnace carts

Applied methods:

• standard bricklaying with shaped bricks
• application of monolithic linings
• carting
• vibration
• torkreting (spray application)
• application of plastic materials – ramming
• application of fiber materials – mats
• lamellas
• prefabricated parts
• plates

Technical service

To our customers we offer also a complete technical service of all industrial thermal equipment. The extent of this service is as follows:
• obtaining the basic technical documentation
• repair of the equipment
• monitoring of the lifetime of the linings and their optimization
• evaluation of causes of lining failure