New buildings

Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. builds reinforced concrete structures of new buildings of standard structural engineering as well as for special buildings.

The executed work constitutes a very wide range of buildings: from simple foundation plates thru reinforced concrete structures of buildings to different special buildings like silos, reservoirs, sewerage plants, bridge pillars, towers and buildings of special purpose.

Delivery of standard buildings

• dwelling houses, civic amenities, warehouses, factories etc.

Delivery of reinforced concrete buildings

• high reinforced concrete monolithic buildings (water reservoirs, silos, towers, etc.)
• building units from reinforced concrete monolithic shaped bricks (rings, polyhedrons,
special structures)
• subterranean buildings (water reservoirs, warehouses, reservoirs)
• special building units (reservoirs, bridge pillars etc.)

Steel structures delivery

• framed structures (halls, poles, bridges, supporting structures)
• tall steel buildings (posts, water reservoirs, towers)