Revision and diagnostics

The basic presumption for long lasting and safe operation of industrial chimneys is a high quality control system monitoring the state of the chimney. The main output element of the monitoring systems is the recommendation
of measure to remedy the situation arising from the finding of fact during the inspection.

Revision of the chimney is a general nomenclature for all activities including the checking of the chimney from different points of view: structural, material, and technological. Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. has introduced a more detailed classification into Inspection of 1st to 3rd grade and Documentation, according to the documents drawn up by CICIND.

The extent of the chimney inspection is rather large and the application of a specific inspection activity depends on chimney damage and on the level of information required.

Survey o standard control procedures and detections:

• visual inspection
• strength of concrete
• carbonization depth of surface layers
• taking of samples for laboratory evaluation:
• crushing strength test
• chemical analysis, presence of sulfate, chloride etc.
• frost resistance
• absorbability
• tensile strength of surface layers
• armature corrosion
• armature depth
• dimension control (crack width, deformation, offset etc.)
• steel wall thickness (flue duct or windshield)
• thermal imaging
• modal analysis
• surveying of the chimney for substantial documentation
• further specific diagnostic methods

Consultancy and design work
Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. offers technical consultancy in the field of tall industrial chimneys, including:
• elaboration of project documentation of repair, maintenance or reconstruction form the design to the work documentation
• expert evidence concerning the draft condition in chimneys, flue ducts eventually in complete outlet systems
• analysis of optimal flue das flow
• static calculation of chimneys, flue ducts and related structure
• price offers
• counseling and advisory services