New chimneys and buildings

Tall industrial chimneys are part of technological unit of many industrial facilities. There is quite a few of them which are directly dependent on the existence of single or several industrial chimneys.

Most of industrial chimneys consist of two basic parts – outer load-bearing windshield and inner protective liner, thru which the flue gas are lead away. Both parts can be of different materials and one windshield can contain more than
one liner.

Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. builds new windshields in different type of construction:
• reinforced concrete chimneys
• brick chimneys
• steel chimneys
• special chimneys

Based on the demands of customers, Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. not only builds but design chimneys with optimal parameters, satisfying the wishes of customers and correspond to the technical demands.

We execute following types of protective inner chimney liners:

• ceramic brick liners constructed with an acid resistant mortar
• classical liners built with radial bricks or fireclay standard bricks
• steel liners (stainless steel, carbon steel with inner protective layer, Corten and other metals)
• special design (plastics, fiber reinforced plastics, special protective coat etc.)

To our customers belong a great many of companies in Czech Republic and abroad. During the design stage as well as during the chimney erection or chimney repairs we cooperate with prominent world-known specialists in this field.

Erection of industrial buildings using the slipform method

For erection of tall reinforced concrete structures – not only chimneys, but also other structures like silos, towers, and pillars – mostly the slipform is applied nowadays. This approach enables a significant shortening of the building time against the standard formwork. Moreover, a high quality of the final reinforced concrete structure is guaranteed by it.

The principle of this method is a continuous movement of formwork elements fixed into a frame structure by hydraulic jacks. The speed of concreting depends on approved technology of concreting, structure complexity and on meteorological conditions and if varies between 4 and 6 m of height for 24 hours. The precise shape and verticality of the structure is being checked by special optical devices continuously.

Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. has already built a large number of all sorts of buildings, which are listed in the company’s references.