Inspection and Diagnosis of 3 pcs Steel Chimneys in Jordan.

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  • Actherm spol. s.r.o.

    Reconstruction of reinforced concrete suppporting construction of underground chamber under siding.

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  • Construction of Water Tank Tower; Kourou – French Guiana

    Since July 2018 the expert workers of company Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. take the important part in construction of reinforced concrete water tank tower of height 90m in French Guiana, in cosmodrome in locality Kourou.

    The expert workers of Omega realize the supervision and managing of the works, the same as the realization of qualified professional works.

    The project is realized for French company “Ferbeck International” which belongs to international syndicate „Lismontages, Thermal Technologies“.

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  • Amplu servis, a.s.

    Reconstruction of chimney no. 3 in Power plant Třebovice.

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  • Jihlavské kotelny s r.o.

    Erection of new three-layered chimney for boiler house.


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  • Conference Břevnov Monastery

    Dear Ladies and dear gentlemen,

    We would like to thank you in this way for your professional contribution to the conference on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Omega Teplotechna Praha a.s.

    It was our pleasure to welcome you to the technical and social event, which took place on 25 October 2016 in the unique environment of Brevnov Monastery.
    We believe that the high level of technical contributions provided you with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of wet chimneys, concrete structures, controlled aging, diagnostics, repair and maintenance of industrial chimneys.

    We will be very glad to answer any questions from the circle of lectures on issues of industrial chimneys.


    For further information, please contact Eng. Ivo Konečný, technical director (, GSM 602 105 046, or Ms. Drahomíra Svoboda, manager of the conference (, GSM 602 267 695).

    Based on the great interest we are preparing the publication of the conference proceedings of the conference lectures, which will be issued in accordance with the limited number of candidates.


    We appreciate your favour and we look forward to meeting you at some of the next events!

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  • Českomoravský cement a.s.

    Currently we realize rehabilitation works and casting of the assembly shop TAP

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  • ECoGas Technology, s.r.o.

    Currently we realize rehabilitation works of the sediment basin ČOV Příbram.

    Sanace vyhnívací nádrže ČOV Příbram

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    Zveme Vás tímto na valnou hromadu společnosti Omega-Teplotechna Praha a.s.

    V příloze naleznete dokument pdf:
    Pozvánka na VH 05.08.2016

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  • Technical Conference in Cairo

    On 24/04/2016 technical conference on the theme “Building and Reconstruction of High Power Plant Chimneys in Egypt” took its place at hotel Intercontinental City Star in Cairo“.


    This conference was organized by company Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. with assistance of company representative for Africa and Middle East – Mr. Salah Abu Laban. As the motive of arrangement of this Conference there were partly the projects of power plants’ chimneys’ repairs realized by company Omega – Teplotechna Praha in Egypt in elapsed periods, partly the condition of Egyptian economy and the necessity to build the new energy sources in the country, and also the actual condition of Egyptian power plants including chimneys.


    On the conference were presented not only the lectures of Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. representatives, but also the lectures of top Czech power engineering experts and representatives of foreign and local representatives of materials’ and appurtenances’ suppliers for constructions and reconstructions of tall industrial chimneys.


    As the audience of this Conference there were most of all the representatives of Egyptian Energy Authorities and the top executives and managers of the power plants of whole Egypt.


    The conference got the great response and it is supposed that this will help to progress in cooperation between Omega and the other sub-suppliers on the first hand and Egyptian power plants’ operators on the other hand.


    The conference was supported by personal meeting of Chairman of company Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. Mr. Eng. Bohumil Ježek with the Minister of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic Mr. Eng. Jan Mládek, CSc and the Ambassador of Czech Republic in Egypt Mrs. RNDr. Veronika Kuchyňová Šmigolová. The meeting took its place at the Embassy of Czech Republic in Cairo.

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