Welcome to our site Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s.

Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. was founded in 1991 by employees with long-term experience in building of industrial chimneys and refractory linings. Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. disposes of ample know-how in the field of building-up, repair, preliminary works, design and execution of tall chimneys, as well as refractory linings and thermal insulation. The main area of Omega – Teplotechna a.s. Praha is power engineering, heating industry, paper industry and petrochemical industry. Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. provides complex sevice from the technical and economical studies, inspections, diagnostics, project documentations to the execution of the project and following maintenance. Employees of our company are holders of authorized engineers certificates, graduates of special courses and workshops and they are members of expert committees of CICIND (international organization of owners, builders and designers of tall industrial chimneys). They take part also in implementation of European standards and acquis communautaire concerning the industrial chimneys into the legal system of Czech Republic. Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. designs, builds, repairs and demolishes all kinds of industrial chimneys. According to the operational scheme and composition and nature of flue gas, our company supplies and installs new acid resistant ceramic liners, steel or glass fiber laminate liners or a complex systems of flue gas outlets. The main aim of our company is the satisfied customer and high quality of supplied work. Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. accentuates high safety, reliability and durability of supplied structures. Omega – Teplotechna Praha a.s. has introduced and applies the quality management system in accordance with standards Čsn en ISO 9001:2010, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and it is accordingly certified.